Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Marketing yourself

So here it is... my first post. Unfortunately, my nerves are still wild from a conversation that partook the night before. I'm not going to dive right into the fashion world for you quite yet.. although I do have a lot of ideas to get this blog going, which I'm really excited about! I'm actually going to touch on something else. And this is... the reason I have the blog in the first place!

Technology is a key component in today's world and in the future. If you go through your life ignoring this source, you're only falling back behind with a small percentage of the population. Whether you like it or not, facebook, twittering, blogging, etc etc is HOT. H-O-T HOT HOT HOT! They are all outlets where people can express themselves- feelings, hobbies, opinions via typed posts, pictures, debates, etc. Its for stores to post new products, catalogs, sales, etc. Thats only a portion of it! Its genius. Its genius for the people who care. If you've noticed in the world today... every show on the tv posts its "Twitter" link or FB name. While the rest of their company might have been saying "NO WAY! we're not getting into that!", there was a marketing guru who said, "oh yes we are... watch me." Because the truth is, its growing like crazy. If you dont partake in it, you look like a fool! Why not utilize this FREE (YES! I said F-R-E-Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee) tool?!?

Me? I use FB to keep in touch with old friends, stay in touch with new, spy on people... Have you ever sat and wondered "I wonder what John is doing these days..." I hear it from my parents all the time... and thats referring to friends from over 30 years ago. Thats not the case with my generation. FB has been the tool to eliminate that. I might not want to call them up and say "hey lets go grab a beer." BUT Id love to see that they are happy and healthy! I also use FB to follow my favorite stores, hobbies, etc. Why do I use twitter? for a lot of the same reasons! Everyday I'm walking through life looking at a beautiful dress in the mall saying to myself "I'd love this dress if it didnt have this.. or I could change these buttons and make it super cute!" If I had all the money in the world, I'd dress like a friggin' rockstar. But I dont. So I have to play with the cards I'm delt. And thats why I have this blog... its to EXPRESS myself- my thoughts, opinions, feelings, etc about F-A-S-H-I-O-N!! Its the one thing I can read about and think about that makes me happy. This is why I'm sharing it with whoever wants to read it! :)

Anyways, I hope you enjoy my blog... If you are reading this, you probably understand what I mean about technology's exciting way of grooming the world. For those that you know that are against it? Stubborn A-holes!!! jk jk... suit yourself. Be against it... but when you're sitting at home watching tv and finally noticing that twitter account your favorite tv show has... we'll be stepping in the virtual reality world leaving you in the DUST!

Ta-ta my lovely blog readers...

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  1. well said, you deserve this virtual soap box. looking forward to your future blogs!